Our Mission

We are the McMaster Solar Car Project, a team started by students, built by students, and led by students. We take on one of the world's greatest challenges, climate change, and turn it on its head by creating one of the most eco-friendly vehicles known to date. We have run competitions over 3,000 km cross country, competing against other top universities around the world, and are currently in development of our new car, the Arc-Avenger, to compete in the 2020 Solar Car challenge in the US. Climate change is not going to fix itself. We have to make a difference one step at a time!

Fireball 2

The Fireball II was our 5th generation vehicle. It raced in the 2009 World Solar Challenge in Australia as well as the 2008 American Solar Challenge.


The Spitfire is our previous vehicle that was completed in 2014. It competed in the 2015 & 2016 Formula Sun Grand Prix in Austin, Texas and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania respectively.


The Arc-Avenger is our Generation 8 vehicle based on the cruiser class design. We have taken inspirations from cars that we believe will change the way that we we drive everyday.

Arc-Avenger Design Gallery

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