Our goals would not be possible without our generous sponsors. The institutions below allow the students of McMaster Solar Car Project to pursue learning about and promoting sustainable technology. If you are interested in supporting our journey, please don't hesitate to contact us at macsolarcar@gmail.com.

Sponsorship Tiers

Emerald Tier Logo.png


You're looking to make a small contribution to the team, and have that contribution be recognized through mediums such as having your logo on shirts and the website, and mentions on our social media.

Ruby Tier Logo.png


You want to show considerable support to the team. You will receive all Emerald Tier benefits and more, including having your logo on the car and an invitation to speak at the unveiling of the car.

Diamond Tier Logo.png


You want to be one of the strongest contributors to our team. You will receive all Emerald and Ruby Tier benefits as well as further benefits such as a larger logo on the car, a logo on our trailer, and a profile of your business on our website.

For more information on sponsorship tiers, click here to view our sponsorship package.

Current Sponsors


The McMaster Students Union is the governing body for all undergraduate students. The MSU is gracious enough to offer MSCP substantial support. As an MSU club, MSCP strives to serve all undergraduate students.